Monday, November 30, 2009


Inside the walls of Intramuros, still continuing my post the other day...

Baluarte de San Andres also known as *Baluarte* (Bulwark) de San Nicolas or Carranza,
was reconstructed in 1733 with the addition of a bomb-proof arsenal for gunpowder
storage, a *garita* (watch tower) and barracks.
It was destroyed in 1762 during the British siege, but was rebuilt after the occupation and was
damaged again during the battle of Manila in 1945.
It was finally restored in 1987.

I'm not really sure if this is what you call a tunnel or a hide-out maybe during the war,
when i went there,the place was kind of desolated and there was no one I could ask regarding the history of this place.
It didn't occur to me then that I should check out what's inside, till I was posting this tonight.

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  1. Whatever the tunnels are for, they make an interesting photograph!
    Thank you for the historical view.
    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  2. They sure do. This is precisely the point of a good mystery. There's always something else to uncover...

  3. Nice perspective and an interesting history lesson.

  4. Thanks for explaining abour the wall, Arabesque.

    Not perhaps the sort of place you'd want to visit on your own - unless it was bright sunlight.
    Melbourne Daily Photo


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