Friday, November 27, 2009


During fridays this place is always filled with people...
I'm referring to this street named Quiapo.
Walk around and you'll find this monument infront of Quiapo church in Plaza Miranda.
Quiapo church is famous for its Black Nazarene and its rich history.
While, Plaza Miranda marked a significant role in 1971,when Marcos was still the ruler.
During the campaign period, a political party called Liberal declared their
8 senatorial bets who were running for office at that time.
A crowd of not more than 4000 witnessed this event and while the politicains were
on stage, perpetrators throwed two hand grenade bombs, setting off a blast, killing
nine people and injuring more than 95.

This monument was unveiled on August 21, 2002, by our President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
as a commemorative marker infront of Plaza Miranda in honor of the nine innocent civilians
killed during the blast.

see the skies! this friday...

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  1. Great blue sky surround for the monumental statue!

  2. Truly beautiful monument and sky!

  3. A beautiful monument celebrating a sad event. What a glorious sky.

  4. an awesome shot of this monument. beautiful blue sky sans smog.:p

  5. Nice monument the people killed will not be forgotten. i wonder what he is holding up in his hands.

  6. Fantastic angle and composition!

  7. I heard my Filipina coworkers talking about this place but couldn't quite picture the monument til now. Looks tall or is it tall because of how you angle your camera?

  8. Love the angle, the statue and the sky look wonderful.

  9. Great shot of the monument.Sky and clouds are cool to the eyes. Looking at it soothes my tired eyes and mind.

    Thanks for sharing.Certaily, this post of yours reminded that I need to read more about our homeland.

  10. A beautiful photo, wonderful shot. The colours are impressive.
    Melbourne Daily Photo


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