Wednesday, November 4, 2009



Continuing my post, "the Archdiocesan "Shrine of Jesus, the way, the truth and the life" Church -this is the dome like interior of the church.
I was hoping to get a closer look inside but my timing couldn't be better, there was a mass that night and look closely, you could see the vague shape of the priest on the middle.
I zoomed in on the altar that's baroque inspired and was astounded at its frame like structure.

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  1. What an altar! Reminds me of some rococo churches in central Europe, Germany, Austria...

  2. Just to re-cap the week so far... always wear your helmet, come to a night mass and do zoom in on the priest? :)

    Hope you'll find another opportunity for an even closer look. I can spend hours upon hours in churches - with or without camera.

  3. Such a wonderful church; somehow simple and not over-decorated, but the altar is worth the trip!

  4. Heavenly photo of a magnificent church - the altarpiece is incredible! Fancy marble floor!

  5. keropok: tnx! ^-^

    rob and mandy: i know, reminds me of that too, tnx! ^-^

    per stromsjo: lol! ^-^ very funny,
    that's how my crazy mind works most of the time.

    peter: hi peter, glad you liked it.
    although, the churches in europe are always more fascinating, ^-^

    leif: happy you could drop by, tnx! ^_^

  6. Greetings from Australia.
    A beautiful church and a most magnificent altar. The warm earthy colours make this and the fancy decorative scroll work are amazing.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  7. I didn't know they can build churches like these anymore :) Great ceiling and the altar is really awe inspiring.


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