Thursday, November 5, 2009


These funky looking colored doors are seen at a fame amusement park called "StarCity".
Used to be famous for its wild river ride and gigantic roller coaster
during the 90's.
Since then, it has improved its facilities,rides,attractions and more food establishments inside for you to choose from.
Despite the recession, the place is mostly filled with peeps during weekends and holidays.
The cheapest entrance fee is P 60- / less than 2$, excluding rides or you can choose
the ride all you can + a visit to the Snow world and Dino island for just P475 = 10$ which is a total splurge.

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  1. Greetings from Australia.
    What a fantastic photo. I just love the colours and the way you've posed it.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  2. Forgot to say, I like your blog very much and I will follow it,

  3. Whee! I've passed that entrance several times and never noticed how fun it is! (Too near, I think.) Me likey! :D

  4. Really good picture, colorful, and the composition is a delight!

  5. Great image! Seems inviting and fun!

  6. blossom flower girl: hi n greetings! ^0^
    thanx for your inspiring comments.
    happy that someone like you apppreciated my blog. keep visiting. ^-^

    hilda: haha, you caught me! yah, the shot was near but that's the only way i can get a better shot. ^-^

    rob and mandy: thank you! ^0^ i'm glad you like the composition.

    Lachezar and Chin: thank you! ^-^

  7. No, no — I meant that when I pass, I'm too near. As in, I use the sidewalk right in front of it (going to either Aliw or Star Theaters). So I never noticed the fun and funky doorways. Your distance is just right!

  8. Cheerful and full of color. I for one feel invited in.


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