Tuesday, November 3, 2009

After yesterday's controversial "no-helmet" moto foto...
I decided to post something uplifting today.

At night, the Archdiocesan "Shrine of Jesus, the way, the truth and the life" Church lights up at its finest.
I always wanted to take a look inside but never had the chance, the church is not really that accessible
and it's kind of out of the way.
I finally decided to drop by to catch a glimpse of it...

The name of the church can be a little long but checking at its website,
I found out that the inspiration behind this was a dream fulfillment of late Pope John Paul II
to build a center for the young people and also it was a project of the Archbishop of Manila,
the late Jaime L. Cardinal Sin,DD, whose love for the Youth is of the same fervor and intensity
as the Holy Father.
It was consecrated on the 9th of July 1999.
The land and the church was donated and built by Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sy Sr.( one of the buss. tycoons here in the Phils.)

This is the facade of the church. I'm not sure if you notice but on 1st glance it looks like
"The Ruins" of Macau. Also took a shot of the floral stained glass on top of the entryway.



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  1. Imposing, impressive! Love the colours of the stained glass flowers.

  2. I like the way you show the church facade and then pan close to see inside - such beautiful flower stained glass!

  3. OH MY what a beautiful place. And you captured it so well with sublime lighting.

    Please be so kind to remember to put your country with your name on the My World site when you link in so everyone knows right away where they are "going."

    Thanks so much for this beautiful post!

  4. p.s. Forgot to mention I'm adding your country to the link on this one.

  5. Gosh, that's beautiful! Good idea to go there at night!

  6. I was going to ask "what kind of church is not accessible" but then I realized that we in fact have a historically important church right at the center of Stockholm which is only open on very special occasions.

    Beautiful capture!

  7. beautiful shot on the church's facade and nice grainy take on the second photo.

  8. guys n gals: thanks for the inspiring comments! ^-^

    per stromsjo: even if this isn't that accessible (mass transpo),during wednesdays and sundays,there can be a lot of people here and bec.it's walking distance,it's just 10-15mts away from the mall...

  9. Beautiful church, looks very warm and inviting.


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