Monday, November 2, 2009

Four in 1


back to reality monday, who says a moto can't fit 4 people? ^-^
come to think of it, it's dangerous, those 2 kids don't even have a helmet on! yikes!
but i'm sure their dad will "drive" extra careful...

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  1. I hate, hate, hate this! Doesn't matter how careful he is if he encounters some other reckless driver — and you know we have lots! He and his wife can go kill themselves if they want to, but leave the kids out of it! :(

    Sigh. Sorry for the rant, but you touched a sore nerve with this one.

  2. Can't make head nor tail of your Mono entry. I will delete it and you can resubmit an entry.

  3. I'd have to agree with Hilda. As long as they don't drive anywhere they can be as many as they like on the vehicle but leave the kids out of any risk-taking.

    Well captured!

  4. A very crowded bike. I agree with Hilda too, the kids should wear helmets.

  5. I agree with Hilda and Andreea! Where are the kids' helmets? Helmets are "cool!"

  6. hilda: i understand your rants,
    believe me, i can post this calmly but when i'm actually driving and i see reckless drivers like this, really negligent, i can't help but feel angry at the irresponsibility of these peeps and somehow wonder where are the police or traffic enforcers...?!

    per stromsjo, andreea, leif:
    point taken... all people on board a moto should a wear helmet at all times...^-^

  7. For most of us, living where we do, this looks dramatic ... and it is of course, but I know also that this is what you find all over the place in certain countries... and at the same time I see something positive in a photo like this; an obviously happy family traveling together. Now, if they could afford some helmets to the kids it would definteley be better!


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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