Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jeepney is one of the most convenient and popular transportation here in the Phils.
For less than a dollar, it can take you from north to south.
Although originally introduced by the Americans back in wwII.
This mode of transporation has been symbolic and is part of our everyday culture.



This gaudy looking jeep is a sample of what it looks like.It looks new and well-polished bec. i suppose this is just a display to show tourist or locals who passed by this area.

*But note for the faint hearted:If you happen to ride on one of our local jeeps... prepare for a ride of a lifetime! ^-^

Jeepney drivers here tend to drive so fast like you're chasing up and away to infinity and beyond.,but surely an experience not to be missed.

show your world... share it with us. ^-^

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  1. Funny looking vehicle. I can´t see it being that fast but I have to believe you!

  2. I'm sure that bus comes in handy and it is a good price too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. And possibly the last experience one ever has... We've got quite a few bus drivers here as well who drive like if they had stolen the vehicle.

  4. What a cheerful looking bus. One could not but enjoy a ride in one. I wish I could travel through your country in a jeepney!

  5. Colorful and cheerful, to brighten up the day of the people it transports! Cheers!

  6. I rode on when I was there and it really was a thrilling ride! Especially since so many people hopped on while the jeepny was moving :)

  7. chrome3d, eileeninmd, magic eye, eleanor, lachezar: thanks! ^-^

    per stromsjo: i think all of us expereience this craze at some point.

    kaori: glad you enjoyed the ride. ^-^


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