Wednesday, October 21, 2009



PICC or Philippines International Convention Center -located along the suburb reclaimed area of Manila which is at the corner of v.sotto and e.makabenta st. ccp complex.

This brutalist designed architecture built around the 70's by Leandro Locsin and his team was to promote state-of-the-art convention, meeting, concerts and social events.

The last time i was there was to attend my sister's graduation and there were hordes of people but on a lazy sunday, the place was just utterly quiet, not a single car in sight and i think there were just the two of us standing on the street, walking and taking pictures. ^-^

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  1. Funny - a minute ago I was being ironic about conferences and here I find this. Certainly a bit of architectural brutality involved. Then again, as they say - it's the inside that counts! ;)

  2. I guess it is a great facility but the architecture is so not inviting...

  3. I want to go there on November 15! It's the international diplomatic spouses bazaar! ;)

  4. per stromsjo:^-^ wish i could show more of what's inside.

    lachezar: yah,it's unattractive in some ways.

    lawstude: tnx! hope it was good memories. ^-^

    hilda: oic, didn;t know there was an event there, hope you could go there next, next week. ^0^


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