Tuesday, September 22, 2009

my sister took this photo last week.
what do you think? ^-^


at first i thought, why would she took a photo that looks like a u.f.o, flying saucer kind of thing?
Apparently, it's one of the newly installed lamppost along Central, which is near City hall and a famous shopping mall.

It's definitely quirky at first glance esp. when up close. ^-^

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  1. Funny how the leg of the lamp is so thin. That enhances the floating UFO like quality of the lamp.

  2. I thought it was the space needle of seattle or that thing/casino in vegas.

    I have posted my world entry at www.ewok1993.wordpress.com

  3. It is an odd looking lamp post. I thought it was one of those sky rides.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Josmeh. It really does look like a spaceship!

  5. hahahaha that looks like something in Men in black movie.


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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