Monday, September 21, 2009

for this week's theme, i will be posting all about our different streetlamps.

Recently, it dawned on me that in just one street we have about 3 different lamps installed!the reason behind this?
It's mainly because of the slight feud between our former mayor and the new residing mayor.

They want to beat each other by putting up new monuments for example, re-opening and closing some of the roads.
If the former wants it remove, the latter will have it added. ^-^

Like the lamps, It's good to look at, at least we always have something new to appreciate,but let's face it, it's really a waste of our (people's) money, but then, who am i to complain when nobody is?! ^-^


lamp post taken along the streets of Sta. Cruz.

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  1. Very nice lanterns. They look very nice in b+w.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The lamps (lights) look interesting. I see stringed flags, is there a celebration or something in your place?

    BTW thanks for dropping by.

  4. Cool! I'm definitely going to enjoy your series. I told you already that Manila's lamps totally fascinate me!

    When I saw the thumbnail of this in the portal, I thought they were oddly placed church bells ;)

    Oyeh, tell me about that feud. During our ceremony in Intramuros launching the 150th anniversary celebration of ADMU, the two refused to sit on the same pew in the cathedral! And no acknowledgment whatsoever of each others' presence, not even a nod. Sheesh…

  5. as long as the cityscape is beautified, should be ok!
    politicians are the same all over!

  6. I hope everything else works, things like sewage and waste collection.
    Bit like bread and circuses.

  7. tnx clueless in boston, danton, hilda, magiceye and aileni.

  8. A feud between mayors! Imagine that.

  9. Ase already noted the other day, your lampposts are different and spectacular!!

  10. Ah. everyone wants to leave their legacy behind. You can see evidence of their 'era' in these street lamps eh? ;-)

  11. keropok: thanks for droppin by! ^-^

    peter: hehe, thnx!

    per stromsjo: yes, the feud bet. the 2 of them can be so childish at times.

  12. Look forward to see your's week theme.

  13. Wow!!! this is superb B&W :)


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