Saturday, September 19, 2009

can you see this white guy on the left holding out a placard?

Is he real or just a cardboard like the one on the right?


haha, you guessed it right! ^-^

on my way to the mrt station yesterday, while queueing for my ticket.

I saw this peculiar, odd looking guy, a mime artist of some sort, acting out in anxiety and pain... then, voila! smiling again and flashing out this sign that says :when your stomach feels bad... take Buscopan!

Apparently, It's a medicine that helps relieve abdominal pains.

When he saw me taking his photo, he willingly gave out his pose, no questions asked. ^-^

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  1. Fun and funny shot! Oh, those mimes . . .

  2. That's odd! The things they do for marketing...

    Nice catch.

  3. This is really funny! Buscopan is a very popular drug here in Italy. That advert seems to be really convincing!


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