Monday, March 26, 2012

" Sta. Cruz Bridge "

so this was taken on a grey saturday morning whilst inside the train.
I always wanted to take a photo of this from above but during rush hour,
you're lucky if you can get a seat, the train is most of the time,
cramped and unventilated.
I'm glad I was early that day. ^0^


This is the Sta. Cruz bridge overlooking the Escolta side,
that's a high-rise condo unit on your right,
if you look further, that's the Jones bridge.

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  1. Oh beautifully done Arabesque, what a viewpoint. You must have been very early, there's not much traffic coming and going on the bridge. It's true what they say hey, 'the early bird catches the best photo!!'

  2. this is awesome...the great bldg adds color to that grey grey skies

  3. the scenery around that part has changed a lot. it's not what i remember it to be. i can't even remember what it used to look like.

  4. Hay bigla ko na-miss ang lugar na 'to. I used to travel from Jhocson to Lawton para makapunta sa Joy Student Center malapit lang sa Mapua at palagi ko nakikita ang place na 'to. The river looks cleaner kumpara 16 years ago :)

  5. looks clean haha anyways congrats! very nice. .:)

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