Tuesday, February 14, 2012

" Manila Cathedral in Renovation "

Tourists and Locals won't be able to visit one of the oldest churches here in Intramuros- The Manila Cathedral Church.

I can only count the times i've been there and never seen its interiors yet!
The basilica's facade ( i think) is a neo-romanesque inspired architecture dating back during the spanish times.

you can learn about its history in this Link. which is its official site.


According to recent news, it will temporarily shut down for at least a year, as the structure is in dire need of renovation, in fear that it may not be able to withstand, in case an earthquake shall occur. ( God forbid, knock on wood 3x)


the Latin inscription reads:
Tibi cordi tuo immaculato concredimus nos ac consecramus.
We consecrate to your immaculate heart and entrust to you (Mary) for safekeeping

credits: Wikipedia



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  1. Oh, that was really a nice church...great interiors where I love most the door carvings, really. You should have seen it but they may not do major changes on the interiors though.

  2. I don't remember when I went inside that church.

    I sure hope they have enough funds to carry the renovation through. Sometimes retrofitting is more expensive than rebuilding from scratch.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. Gorgeous black and white photos!

    Read the announcement yesterday too. My friend's reaction was, "So, all of those who want to get married in the cathedral have to wait another year." Hehehe.

  4. rob and mandy, Luis Gomez: haha! tnx! ^0^

    prem: i know,
    i def. should go on a walking tour, after the renovation hopefully. ^0^

    pc: you're right, it's the small details that are painstakingly hard to do, than starting with a blank canvass. but am pretty sure they have enough funding for it. ^0^

    hilda: haha! your friend and I both have the same reaction. ^0^

  5. It looks like a lovely place! But yes, it's always good to be prepared :D


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