Thursday, February 2, 2012

" Mommy, can you tie my hair? "


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  1. That was totally me and my baby sister when she was in grade school! I loved french braiding her she's off to high school and no longer needs me. So sad. haha! Sorry about the stroll down memory lane but your photo just reminded me of it :D

    Love your black and whites, Arabesque!

  2. kaori: haha, i think i can totally relate bec I have a younger sis too!
    oh, those were the days...^0^

  3. You've captured a lovely moment in time here Arabesque, we can all remember Mum plaiting our hair!

  4. what a beautiful and lovely scene of love and care. :D

  5. Oh, very nice! Even better in B and W!
    Getting extremely cold here, probably minus 10 degrees this weekend.

  6. a slice of filipino life captured splendidly.

  7. The little girl must have had a nice moment, although she seems busy with a phone call! :-)

    From the large number of posts and photos recently, I understand that you have now completely recovered from your long trip! Of course the New Year had also to be properly celebrated!

  8. perthdp: tnx. tnx! ^0^

    luis g: tnx!

    rob n mandy: whoa! that is brrr! cold. can't wait to see fotos of BCN's under 10. ^0^

    photo cache: ha! well said, thank you! ^0^

    peter: hi there! still daydreaming about it once in awhile. ^-^
    and yes, the CNY is a family tradition.^0^
    tnx for dropping.


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