Wednesday, February 1, 2012

" Domo-kun "

for those who're not familiar with this foto,
this big, white eyed teeth is none other than,
Domo-kun - a famous TV character in Japan.
Recently, stalls here (after getting over with the Angry Birds craze) have been
selling this character from bags to key chains and tee's inspired.


and Logo shirts too, here you can have Paris and Batman just as you like it.


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  1. I like Domo-kun. ;) BTW Arabesque, yes it is the same movie but an American remake of it.

  2. that's the thing i love about divisoria, you have a lot of choices and cheap too.

  3. Oh yeah, they are also so famous around the young ones here...hehhehe!

  4. That is so weird how you have domo-kun over there! It's the mascot for the BS television network and I'm not even sure people who have cable (which is the other choice you have besides BS to broaden your TV channels) would recognize it! Awesome find :D

  5. luis: oic, tnx! I wonder which version is better.

    pc: yup, yup! it alawys is. ^0^

    prem: haha! glad everyone can relate with this character.

    kaori: haha! i know!
    whatever is out in the market and trending I guess.
    i bet the vendors don't even know who Domokun is. ^0^

  6. Lots to choose from here Arabesque, think I might just go with the Paris one.. SURPRISE! Haha!

  7. This shows that how much Domo Kun is popular all over the world. I think he is the cutest cartoon character of all time.[Domodomo]


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