Wednesday, November 23, 2011

" Scribble "


kids will be kids,
this girl was writing something on the wall, clearly vandalizing it. ^-^

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  1. very nice shot. is it easy to shoot random people in the streets of manila?

  2. At least it is not a can of spray paint and the side of a building.

    I assume there are parents? Do they know where their child is or what their child is doing?

    It might be a problem if they find out.

  3. pc: no, it's never easy and yes, it's always a challenge.
    you know what i mean.^0^
    so,it's being in the right moment.

    luis: ^0^

    abe: unfotunately, kids out on the street are sometimes left alone by their parents.

  4. You know the big scheme of things she's not doing that much harm really.. the pillar she's scribbling on is not exactly pristine. Lovely candid shot Arabesque, love your images of the streets of Manila.

  5. perth dp: yes, this street isn't one of the cleanest. ^0^
    i'm glad you like the fotos i post despite its wear and tear.

  6. I wish we could stop the graffiti that is ruining our cities. Although she's not really doing any harm here, will she think it's ok on other property? I'm sure the kids see the older ones doing it and follow them. Sad really.

    PS Thank you for stopping by today. I hope you have a wonderful trip. Let me hear all about it.


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