Monday, November 21, 2011

" The Fighter "


It took me awhile before I could post this foto because
I was hesitant at first.

Wondering why this guy has this sheepishly grin on his face? ^0^
Well, in a typical boisterous public market,
a crowd started to gather around this barricaded area,
so curious as I can be,
I walked further to see what's it about and saw that there's an unofficial cockfight that's about to happen.
It's illegal to hold cockfights and place bets elsewhere except in particular places.
But the locals can be err, really stubborn at times. ^-^

I was hoping to sneak a few fotos to post when this guy quickly caught sight of me, and oops! I thought he'd be mad, but instead, gave me this aha!-you-caught me-smile.
So,in a jiffy, I ended up with a blurry foto of him and his dear rooster.

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  1. Is this legal, cock fighting? It is not legal in many countries.


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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