Thursday, October 6, 2011

" something smells fishy... "


a group of dried fishes, on sale here in Chinatown market.
and while i'm not a fan of dried fishes or " Tuyo " ( locally ) as we call it here.
When you cook them, the whole house smells fishy and the neighbors are sure to know that that's what you're having for dindins. ^0^
But really, they can be very tasty and salty at the same time and an all time favorite best if paired with fresh tomatoes and garlic rice.

what's for dinner? ^-^

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  1. THat's so funny how they smell! Do you cook it often? Great title, too :D

  2. EXCELLENT! Great image Arabesque. Glad things are going back to normal in Manila.

  3. Nice monochrome photo - I'm not a big fan either of eating dried fish...

  4. That sounds like a fishy tale to me Arabesque!! They sound good the way you gave them with tomatoes and garlic, mind you everythng tastes good with t & g yeh!!

  5. Oh I love tuyo! I don't mind my house smell like tuyo for a day :)


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