Friday, October 7, 2011

" Quiet "


靜 = at least that's what this Chinese character means.
we all need a bit of a pause from our hectic life and
sometimes, all we need is silence.
I was inside the car when it was raining and took this shot,
seen along the streets of tetuan here in downtown.

I hope you have a great weekend everyone. ^0^

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  1. For some reason it doesn't seem that quiet. I like the blur in the image Arabesque.

  2. Really good image there Arabesque, love taking pics like that when it's raining outside. Hope you have a 'restful' weekend.

  3. ...and in silence dami nating naiisip at napapaplano.

    Have a great day dear.

  4. THis photo made me realize that Quite is something very hard to find these days. Love this very moody photo! Hope everything is working out according to plan for you! :D


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