Friday, August 19, 2011

" Looking up "


It's these days that I wish I could laze around and not worry about anything,
Just be free and careless.

On a personal note :
Boy am I glad today's friday,
you know how we always wish someone a great week ahead,
well, mine didn't turn out the way I expected.
It was a terrible week for me,
lots of weird, unexpected situations turned up
and there's this heap of burden that won't go away.
I wish next week, fate will be a bit nice for me. ^0^

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  1. Those are great clouds. Wonderful shot. Try to get some rest this weekend and hopefully next week will be a wonderful one Arabesque.

  2. Gosh Arabesque, your week doesn't sound like it was too good at all, sorry to hear it and hope things improve for the coming week ahead. Your clouds are lovely but hopefully 'other' clouds will disappear.

  3. The sky in your photo is so gorgeous but seems like you didn't have too great of a week. I hate weeks like that. Hope this coming week brings you much laughter and happiness! xx

  4. thank you guys for all your encouraging comments.
    i hope this week will be a good one too... ^0^

  5. Nice cloudscape!

    Parang nai-imagine kita habang busy sa isang bagay at napakaraming inaasikaso. Sorry to hear it sistah. Sana maging ok na ang mga susunod mo pang week.


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