Monday, August 22, 2011

" The growing tree "


I seldom walk around this block which used to be on my way to school,
but this familiar street, has changed a bit, a few of the shops and structures have come and go, but this particularly tree won't seem to budge,
i;m glad it still the way it is, pretty much looks the same.
and the roof has been cut off especially, giving this tree some room to grow. ^0^

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  1. Nice way to keep the tree! Nature is just amazing as well!

  2. I love how they didn't cut the tree and instead renovated the roof! How thoughtful :D

  3. Super kind naman ang may ari ng house para hindi nya ipaputol ang tree kahit nakahambalang sa kanilang roof.

    I'm back! Na-missed ko bumisita dito. Akala ko di na matutuloy ang vacation namin. Nagmilagro ata sa kalangitan at pingabigyan ang hiling ko :)).

  4. I'm glad they let this tree grow!

  5. It's so reassuring when some things stay the same,Arabesque, these days life moves too fast and when we espy something familiar it's quite comforting, apart from that it's a lovely tree.

  6. luis, kaori: haha, a nice way to care for a tree indeed, tnx for droppin by. ^0^

    missy: hi gurl! miss your blog na, haven't visited in awhile,
    i thought you were away for a trip,
    and i was right! hehe,
    thanks for your encouraging comments, already feeling better.

    perth dp: you said it right! ^0^


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