Friday, June 24, 2011

" A Huff and A Puff "

You know a bad weather's coming when you see one.
I always like to see clouds forming in different shapes and unexplicable
figures, as you let your imaginations run wild.

Can you see that vague figure of a monster like face?
as if blowing it out or perhaps inhaling all the wind.

We're having yet again these temperamental weather,
in fact, news says it's going to be rainy till the weekend.
It's these days that I worry sometimes,
If the rain keeps pouring, it's inevitable that flood rises up in our area,
not to mention, those who live in worse conditions.

But, how about you, what do you reckon of this picture? ^-^


btw, for more cool skies visit Skywatch friday

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  1. A gathering tempest. Storm clouds look awesome. From a distance, that is!

  2. Nice shot. Looks like a bad thunderstorm or hail to me. Of course, last time I thought I was looking at incoming hail, turned out to be a tornado. Stay safe.

  3. doom is coming to hogwarts :)

    i hear there were really heavy rains that stranded a lot of people yesterday; one said it's mala ondoy.

  4. Storms are full of drama, most of the time wonderful to watch from a safe haven... well captured!

  5. It is magic! What a wonderful shot Arabesque.

  6. Good morning from Perth Western Australia. What a fantastically dramatic sky, I reckon there's a lot of rain in them there clouds. I love looking for shapes in clouds too. Have a great day.

  7. Fabulous photo - what an amazing capture.

  8. Whoa! Heavy and loaded... a storm out there for sure.

  9. it looks like a foot of a monster. what a fabulous capture. i'm tired of the rain...:(

  10. Great dramatic shot. Certain;ly looks like a storm's a brewing!!

  11. I like to watch ever-changing formation of clouds, too. You captured very dramatic skies. Yes, I see monster’s mouth huffing and puffing. The color of the clouds is indigo, not dark, and the horizon is clear, so the monster would become out of breath and be cleared off, maybe. Hope no flooding in your area...keep my fingers crossed. Have a happy weekend!

  12. Whoaaaa! Great Shot! I really hope these rains would come to an end soon because students from our school are having a hard time because even if it rains so hard, the classes are still not suspended :(

    The drama of this photo is just very cinematic! Love it!

    Steven, Cavite^^

  13. Wow, I would say that was one BIG storm there, just a great shot of it~


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