Sunday, June 26, 2011

" Happiness being a kid... "


I chance upon these kids playing outside on a Sunday afternoon.

Happy Weekend all! ^0^

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  1. They are having a lot of fun and some exercise! Better than sitting in front of the dumb TV!

  2. Lovely! It is great to see kids playing outdoors.

  3. Nice, I like the colors and the chaos of kids at play.

  4. Oh My! This shot did not just brought me a smile for its beauty but a big big memory! I can still remember me and my classmates playing this Game of Triangle. I always loose to the Girls!

    Thank you so much Arabesque for that memory!


  5. こんにちは。Thank you for this lovely image filled with sparkling joy of innocent children. I hope them keep dreaming whatever happens.

    I'm glad you liked the poems. So, did you read "Sky-blue Flower" or "Is it an echo?" in original Japanese through a like I made?

    お元気で! またね。

  6. leif: rather than be a couch potato right?! haha, well said.

    luis, idreamlotech: tnx!

    steven: haha tnx!
    seeing them play does bring back
    fun childhood memories.

    stardust: yes, i did read them both, とても おもしろい ね!but "is it an echo" seems much easier.
    tnx for dropping by. ^0^

  7. What a great capture Arabesque, they look absorbed and happy to be playing together. Nice to see.

  8. Sometimes, I think what if I could go back to my childhood and live simply. Growing older, more complicated my life becomes. I do love your photo! smile, smile,smile!
    Taste of Wagashi differs from shop to shop. And Wagashi in my blog have decent sweetness. It is so good to take Wagashi with hot green tea!
    Have a great day!


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