Tuesday, April 12, 2011

" Macopa "

Have you ever heard of Macopa?
how about Tambis or Malay Apple?


That's one of the many names of this tropical fruit.

Its crunchy-like almost ball shaped fruit that looks quite red when its ripe.
I must admit that I haven't tried one of these yet... ^-^

ps: have been worrying about my foto uploads,
why ALL of them suddenly went to under maintenance.
I've tried on another acct. meanwhile.
I hope it runs back to normal soon.

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  1. Hello there! So nice to meet you! I saw this fabulous red photo on the Color Board so I had to come say hi!

    Unfortunately, though, I will have to remove it from the current row of purple. Please resubmit it again when the color of the row is red!

    Thanks for playing along!

  2. oh i miss it. we had a tree in the front yard and it had pink not red fruits.

  3. I miss it too.Nilalagyan ko ng konting asin yan bago kainin :))

  4. I've never even seen this fruit! But one thing I remember about the Philipines is the FRUIT! Love it ;D


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