Tuesday, March 1, 2011

" Cafe Ilang Ilang "

Cafe Ilang Ilang as the name suggests is a resto that offers buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
But nothing seems stunning when the lights go dim and the dining experience becomes interesting as its interior.
I've never been there before, so I don't have an inkling what it looks like then, but the newly decorated furnishings was a definite masterpiece.

The one bit that I found most intriguing is this dome shaped room,
for those who wanted less noise outside and more privacy.
It looks small in this foto but has quite a room for at least 20 people.


and on the left is an array of delectable selections.

the place seems like a maze at first, but in every corner you turn are different kinds of cuisine for you to choose.

another passageway into another area, guests dining in.

From the outside looking, another dining area.

and the entryway to Cafe Ilang Ilang.

more about its food tomorrow. ^0^

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  1. It looks amazing! Great shots. Thank you.

  2. what a good looking cafe. and what were you doing in there? had a date eh? joke.

    why do i have a vague memory of the interiors of manila hotel? i have to ask my older brother to confirm if indeed he took me there once when i was younger and did not care for hotels.

  3. This a good place to hang out with my fmaily and friends. I like to try this restaurant.

    buy and sell philippines

  4. What a lovely cafe. Excited na akong makita ang mga food hehehe. If there's one subject in photography na hindi ko kaya, eh yung food photography :))

  5. p.c: haha, i wish! ^0^
    auntie's b-day and get together.

    misalyn: hehe, ako din.
    i have to work on that. ^0^


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