Monday, February 28, 2011

" Manila Hotel "

Before the grand lobby, the guests are welcomed with these imposing arches.

and yet another arch going up.

the Roma Salon - which serves as a function room for events, etc.
and I can't stop admiring the dark wooden details of the ceiling,
it suddenly feels as if you're somewhere in Europe.

some of the famous foreign dignitaries who stayed in this hotel, to name a few...
Ernest Hemingway, President John F. Kennedy, The Beatles, King of Pop Michael Jackson entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr.

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  1. Wow!I so love the warmness of your photos.

    Pag may pera ako, like ko magstay dyan kahit 2 days lang hahahaha! *wink*

  2. What a gorgeous hotel. I love the shot of the stairs. The arches are cool, too.

  3. Wow, this looks so beautiful and elegant.
    And I guess it is a lovely place to stay!:)

  4. Do you do like me? Even if you don't stay at these places, you can always use the bar ... and the facilities! :-)

  5. Really cool looking hotel:) Thanks very much for the lovely comments you left at my blog yesterday.

  6. That is a very pink building!

  7. misalyn: haha, should visit the place. nice interiors!

    luis, vm sehy, gunn, p.c., wick dp, mood:
    thank you! ^0^

    ab: lol, maybe it's my camera. everything looks so orange when I took it, so I had to un-saturate the colors a bit.

    peter: haha, yes, I do that too. ^-^


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