Monday, February 21, 2011

" sweet treats "


one of my favorites... ^0^

* Puto - not to be mistaken as a bad slang in spanish.
It is actually a soft, spongy steamed rice cake and this one is Puto Pandan inspired.

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  1. I wonder how it tastes? What gives it that green color? Sweet?

  2. Yummy! Can somebody seen me a dozen of in ngayon na? :)))

    Super like ko yan lalo na pag maraming cheese.

  3. leif h: haha, the green would be its pandan flavor, but mostly, it's just coloring. ^0^

    luis: it is! ^0^

    misalyn: haha, ako din.
    cge, i;m virtually sending you a dozen right now...^-^

  4. A joke:

    two groups of teens. one group of mexican and the other filipino. words were exchanged and it got heated.

    the mexican called the pinoy guy "puto". the pinoy got really miffed and was ready to exchange blows.

    but cooler heads prevailed and his kabayans asked the pinoy guy what got his goat.

    he replied: I WAS NEVER CALLED A RICE CAKE BEFORE (wink, wink).

    tawa naman jan.

  5. lol, that was a gr8 joke. ^0^ tnx p.c.

  6. sarap! i like the puto from calasiao :)


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