Wednesday, February 16, 2011

" Sandwich "


that off-white structure in the middle used to be the floating restaurant
(Jumbo boat) owned by h.k. tycoon Mr. Stanley Ho, but it was closed as
soon as it's opened.
I guess business wasn't that good
and again behind closed doors, a lot of anomalies and politicians going against it.
a pity because it would have been a good market as its near the bay area and close to
cultural center, even a mall and amusement park ahead.

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  1. as a group the filipinos are known to love to eat outside, so this boggles me how a floating resto would be out of business.

  2. I echo Photo Cache's comment. Ano na nangyari ngayon? As in nakatiwangwang na lang? Sayang naman.

    Galing ng pagkakakuha ng photo :)

  3. pc: bec. the "in" thing nowadays isn't in this area.

    misalyn: yes, as in,. ^0^
    haha, glad someone like it.
    purposely took it in that perspective. tnx, tnx.


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