Monday, January 3, 2011

" Wandering around Tokyo "

so as promised, here are fotos from my 8 day trip.
I'm still in the process of re-arranging and twisting my fotos,
so the word "some" tends to be harder than I thought.

Our first stop was Tokyo, the busiest hub of all.
I was supposed to have some Asakusa temple fotos but,
my card reader went crazy, thereby deleting all my fotos (literally.)
so here's where we start :
Before heading to Tokyo Tower, we got a glimpse of the Imperial Palace,
not up close though, just from afar.
The next day, we went meandering around Harajuku that led us to Shibuya,
finding Hachiko (the dog) can be quite challenging.
and I have a confession...
Harajuku is a haven for shopaholics like me. ^-^
There's so much to see and when money isn't an issue,
I'm pretty sure, temptation is hard to resist.
It's Christmas when we got there so imagine the hordes of people jabbing you
from left to right.
It's hard to get a decent foto without seeing someone's head.
We started from Takeshita st. and I tell you, one day isn't enough. ^0^

christmas eve, a close up look at the tokyo tower, magical isn't it?! ^-^
standing from this angle, it's humongous!

imperial palace, standing from the river's point of view.

hopping at ginza st., we were only there for like 15mts.

from the 3oth floor of our hotel where we're staying,
you'll see the Rainbow bridge.

and also the soon to be finish, Tokyo Sky Tree.
too bad we can't visit it yet.

around Harajuku station

and going inside Takeshita st.

taking a JR ride from Shinagawa station

and the map can be so scary to look at but once you understand
the whole thing, it's not so confusing at all.

you'd see parking signs like this and a whole lot of signs here and there.

go bape! ^0^
the flooring on this store will blow your mind.
really cool interior.

some cool, cool, cool structure.

the most overused word: but how can you not love Tokyo?!

a busy christmas night at Shibuya, the lights are hypnotizing to look at.

It's us!
Pepperoni and Me at Harajuku. ^-^

and I was so happy to see Aibou!
It's one of my fave whodunit t.v. murder series. call me a classic. haha!

having breakfast at le daiba hotel, ah! scrumptious.

and eating noodles at a fast food chain inside aqua city.
I was surprised to see different kinds of sauces from garlic to ginger.

and caught this pretty cute but kind of bizarre looking doll.
don't know what it is, but it seems to be popular.

ps: posting more in the next few days...
hoping i won't be too busy with work though. ^0^

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  1. Excellent images! Wonderful, thanks for sharing them.

  2. wow, this is one trip i've been dreaming of.

    isn't that a hassle when your photos get deleted and you have no control over it?

    the first time i went to grand canyon my software was going crazy and made all the photos i took inaccessible. i lost almost all of them. so we vowed to go back so i could take new photos :)

  3. Arabesque! I love, love, love your photos of TOkyo! I hope you had fun ;-D

    I really like Tokyo Tower, too. There's something old and warm about that tower when it glows at night. Your Shibuya pic is SO exactly how it is there all the time! I went to school there for four years. It was a great place to have fun when you're young!

    Can't wait to see more!!!

  4. photo cache: lucky for you!
    nothing beats the view of the grand canyon once you're there.

    i don't know what happened to my camera,
    but i think it's bec. of the weather, buti nalang, it went fine after that.
    grabe! ^0^

    kaori: haha! super thanks! ^0^
    sis and i are planning to go there again, this time, on our own. (fingers crossed)

  5. That photo of the subway map is giving me flashbacks!

    When we first got to Tokyo it took us half an hour to figure out how to find the train station. We did OK from there, but then we got to the next to last stop and got lost. We were sitting there staring at a map just like the one you photographed thinking we are so out of luck. Just then a very nice lady dropped by and asked in English if she could help us. I never felt so darn happy to see someone in my whole life.

    Looks like you had quite an adventure visiting Tokyo as well.

  6. vm sehy: haha,
    tokyo has so much to offer, and one thing i love about this city, just like s.g or H.k, you can easily wander around the streets and alleyways.

    we sort of got lost on the way back to the hotel and had to bring myself to speak in broken japanese, haha,
    a young couple tried to direct us which train we had to take and that was indeed an unforgettable one. ^0^

  7. That is the one nice thing about Tokyo. We were wandering around the garmet district at night trying to figure out where the tux rental place was. I felt pretty safe. And I totally understand about the broken Japanese. I'm really glad that people will patiently work with you, though.

    I'd really love to take some Japanese classes and become fluent. There's so much stuff in Japan I'd just like to go and see and not have to stick to the main tourist spots.


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