Tuesday, January 4, 2011

" Seeing Mt. Fuji for the first time "

After Tokyo our bus headed to Mt. Fuji.
Although an active volcano that has been silent for about a hundred years now.
I was astounded by its beauty and its almost perfect shape.
The tour guide said you don't usually get this lucky during this season,
it's mostly foggy and unclear.
Even though, we only reached till the 4th level, the trip was worth it
once you're up there.
Too bad for the time constraint we have and the long 8 hour journey ride
just to get there.
Then we're off to Hakone to see the Owukadani, it's a volcanic valley that
emits sulphur vents.
It was literally windy and cold, hard to catch a good view
but the Hakone Ropeway (cable car) from an aerial point of view was stunning.
With a Pirate ship inspired, we cruise along the Lake Ashi.
After a long day trip, we stayed in a transient hotel, somewhere in
Toyohashi, a place that reminds me of Los Angeles, like Anaheim actually.

This is from the observatory deck, a glimpse of Mt.Fuji

and this was taken at the 4th level, taking a closer look at it

haha, for someone who lives in a tropical country,
we love it when we see piles of snow and things turning into ice.
seen here: pepperoni's feet amidst the white.

here's me at the Owakudani Valley

this is the Ropeway ride.

some info about Mt Fuji and the Valley

cruising along lake ashi while admiring the view

Having a sumptuous dinner at the hotel

view from our hotel room, the Toyohashi view

seen along this area...

attractive vending machines= 自動販売機

and Kawaii advert from KFC=
this is Ayase Haruka from the tv sitcom = Glow of Fireflies

also caught this small lotto outlet outside the gas station

still more series tomorrow... ^0^


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  1. Stunning images of Mt. Fuji! Thank you again for sharing these.

  2. Incredible sights. You must tell us how much this trip cost at the end of the series.

    My nephew was in the navy stationed in japan a few years ago. He and his colleagues went to climb mt fuji. From his pics it doesn't look like it's that hard. But I'm sure it would be very challenging especially to someone not as fit as me.

  3. Mt Fuji is cold even in the summer! You two must of been FREEZING!!! ;-D

    But gorgeous photos!!! I've only been up to the fifth point by car, but I hope I can climb it this summer :-)

    Luv your friends boots!

  4. luis: thanks! will be posting more. i hope you won't get bored.

    photo cache: haha, i would love to climb mt fuji someday... but
    not yet.
    there's so much to see in this city and indeed a must see!
    yes, i would post details about the price. ^0^

    kaori: we were freezing all right, but forgot all about it once we saw Mt, Fuji, we were just shouting: Wow! we're finally here!
    i hope i can go all the way up to the 5th level, they say that's where you can send a postcard. I would love to send one to myself, teehee!!

  5. Awesome shot of Mt. Fuji.

    When we went to Japan, the closet we got was Shin-Fuji. We ran out of time because we had to be back to Toyko for dinner with my brother-in-law and his wife's family. We, too, were lucky when the fog parted and afforded us a view of the mountain. However, being in an alleyway in Shin-Fuji at the time, we didn't get nearly as cool a view as you did.

  6. vm sehy: thanks! ^-^
    i hope when you go back to Japan with your family, you'd have a chance to visit mt Fuji again. ^-^


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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