Thursday, January 13, 2011

" Osaka walks "

Walking around Osaka was nothing but fun, fun, Fun.
For those (like me) who likes to wander around in no particular place,
while shopping, then take fotos,
see a bit of culture, eat yummy foods and
perhaps have a good time, then head to Osaka. ^0^
First Impression,
This city clearly reminds me everything about Hongkong. (except the people.)
I can't describe it but even with all the lights, Osaka isn't Tokyo and vice versa.

I wish I could summarize this post into one entry, but there's so much to explore,
plus we got more free time here than in Tokyo.
So I wish you're still awake and not yawning despite my non-Manila post.

* Trivia:
There's always a rift between the Tokyo people and Osaka and it all
goes back to its history (a long story to begin with). ^0^
Our tour guide told us that Tokyo people hated Osaka because they're rude, blunt and they always complain.
On the other hand, Osaka people hated Tokyo for their backstabbing and pretending to be nice kind of attitude.
Oh well, regardless though, I think both cities has lots to offer and they're both interesting.

I thought I'd begin with the streets of Mido-suji and Namba, but first, here's another view from our hotel.

I've always wondered why we couldn't design colorful manholes like this here.
all it takes is just a little imagination.


and so many 自転車- Bicycles = they're parked everywhere!

a typical side street,
the foto doesn't show but it's very windy at that time.

looking at the sky and the edifices.

a street scene crossing Dotonbori.
It's cloudy with slight rainshowers when we were there.

the thing I love about Japan is looking at its sky,
it's just around 5in the afternoon, but it looks like evening already,

a posh mall called Namba Hips and its astounding architecture that's impossible to missed.

and Namba Hips in a hint of gray.

Inside Nankai Namba Station...

a small kiosk inside the station...

There's a passageway that links our hotel to Takashimaya, but don't be fooled,
It's a long cut that lead you all the way to its shopping area.


Takashimaya on your right, further ahead is Tower records, on your left is a well known sort of Night market area.

and here's " Us " playing with our shadows.

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  1. I have been enjoying your images from your trip so much! Thank you for posting them. I find it funny that there is always that kind of rivalry between cities. Chicago-New York, Barcelona-Madrid, Montreal-Toronto, Rio-Sao Paulo. Sydney-Melbourne to mention a few.

  2. wow beautiful photos.

    city rifts/rivalry are common, san fran and LA are not the best of pals. i remember when we were in spain, people in barcelona were not too fond of madrid.

  3. super enjoy ako sa mga photos na wow!

    wish I could visit Osaka soon...pag may pera na hahaha!

    even here in UAE, locals from Abu Dhabi are really different from the locals in Dubai.

  4. Aww! I love the last photo of you two doing the japanese peace sign! lol.

    My parents live in Osaka and when they first moved there I was like, oh no, not Osaka! But it's a really great place. Osaka and Tokyo are both very proud of their own cultures so it may seem like they have something against each other...but I thinks it's more of a stereotype and the rift is not so big :-D



thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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