Thursday, December 9, 2010

" Underpass "


so if ever you're in Quiapo or somewhere near the area and you wish to cross the street, instead of heading towards traffic with honking fast cars, the easiest short cut is to go underpass.
It links you to streets like Lacson, Villalobos, Hidalgo, etc.
This is the easiest short cut,
It used to be uninviting, outdated and a den for thieves, but thankfully,
all that has changed and things have improved, even installation of some fancy lights and an lcd screen were some of its added highlights.
But the most interesting about this is that lotto outlet which was always featured in the news.

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  1. Luv the lights! This is just like Osaka...I always get lost when walk outside so I take the underground where we have all the signs :-D

  2. i truly have been out of the country far too long. this is not the underpass i remember :)


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