Tuesday, December 7, 2010

" Another day "


another look at an old house somewhere in Bambang street.
It's shouting for a makeover but still original in its own and I like
how everything's under one roof.

* posting might run slower these coming weeks as i'll be busy with work,
Santa's workshop is so on! teehee!
plus the fact that our internet connection was crazy and a real pain in the butt, heck! even uploading a picture takes more than 10mts....
(excuse the pun.) ^0^

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  1. Great image. I love being able to look at so many things of daily life. Thanks.

  2. I don't know how nice and comfortable it may be to live in a place like this, but for sure, as a tourist, this is what I prefer to see rather than the modern skyscrapers. Atmosphere! :-)

  3. the real manila :)

    once inside these structures, you would find they are sturdy.

  4. Hey it's good to see all your pictures again! How have you been? Great street shot...who is the person wearing yellow in the posters? ;-)

  5. Hi there, I haven't visit your blog for awhile. This picture remain me of the same thing in some Jakarta area, behind a tall building. So real.

  6. luis, thanks! ^0^

    peter, haha, thanks! ^0^

    photo cache: so true...Manila's finest. hehe! ^0^

    kaori: never been better, just a bit busy. ^0^
    that Mr. yellow guy is running for a position in the gov't last Aug, funny, his poster's still intact. ^0^

    peppermint: hi gurl! yeah me too, sorry been real busy.
    it would be interesting to visit Jakarta sometime. ^-^


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