Monday, October 4, 2010

" these are a few of my favorite things "

I like taking fotos of bikes, be it old or a new one, this one was parked along the strips of Manila bay.


I remember, we used to go biking when I was a kid.
It made me miss those days when life was carefree and worry-free.
Why do we make our life complicated as we grow old ?

King of Anything - Sarah Bareilles

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  1. Great looking old bike. Wonderful picture.

  2. Good question. I suppose responsibilities tend to make life complicated...

  3. Because we have and know so much more than when we were little...everything is a risk, thus the worry. But I can't seem to concentrate long enough to worry so I'll just enjoy your lovely photo ;D hehe.

  4. Don't expect we have anything to do in making life complicated. That's just the way it is once we get so tall and put so many years behind us. One nice thing: we can dwell on the simple joys of life, like for instance, two wheel bikes, and b&w photography and friends from around the world reminding us of what's important.


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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