Tuesday, October 5, 2010

" For Sale "

Fresh mussels anyone?


Almost at the end of the bay,
I saw this kid selling "Tahong" or fresh mussels,
since it's not outside the local market, the price is cheaper.
When he saw me taking fotos of it, he was quick to asked me if I wanted to buy some.


Pity that at such a young age, when he should be studying or playing,
instead he's forced to face the reality and hardships of life.

Just like a star - corrine bailey rae

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  1. These are really beautiful images! Love them. Sadly kids have to do face work at an early age in many places around the world.

  2. Love mussels - the bottom feeders are always the tastiest like crab. I don't know if I'd like it fresh - ala oyster - but I certainly love it with a little butter and garlic and grilled a bit.

  3. I don't like mussels unless they're the kind on arms! But I do like your photos. Wonderful colours they look quite artistic. Enjoy the coming week.☺

  4. If they came from the garbage-choked Manila Bay, thanks, but no thanks.

  5. Nice photos, but I have to confess, can't stand that stuff.

  6. I don't eat seafood...but I DO like the shells! Very pretty ;D


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