Friday, September 10, 2010

" This isn't what it looks like "

One of the interesting edifices when i look outside our balcony.


Both straight out of the camera,
the former was taken in the morning.
the latter, during the late afternoon.
Interesting how the colors change.


melody: Don't give up on me- Daniel Powter

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  1. That's quite a difference! I think I like the warm afternoon light better. Although I'm sure the heat is more bearable in the morning :D

  2. this comment has nothing to do with the images. it's all about the song. tis the first time i have heard of it and i love it. outside of "bad day" i dont know any of powter's songs, but thanks for introducing me to another one. such a nice song. just my kind of song.

  3. The afternoon view makes me think of Tuscany or a hilltop in the Mediterranean. You have a lovely and interesting view from your balcony.
    In the cafe window are books and some reading material.☺

  4. interesting blossomflowergirl, i like the afternoon view.

  5. The light does make such a big difference. But whatever the light, I just love their rooftop gardens!


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