Tuesday, September 7, 2010

" Natividad Building "

Along Escolta, a street that was once known as Escortar - spanish for escorts,
is this vintage edifice called Natividad building, it is literally located in the corner of Escolta and T. Pinpin.
It used to be the hub of the financial community that included foreign embassies and other financial institutions from Britain and the United States.


Although the cable wires can be a sore, one can't help but admire its design that's inspired by a bit of
beaux-art and Parisian cutout all rolled into one.


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  1. Very nice building, what is in it now?

  2. Indeed, it's a beautiful piece of architecture! What does it house now? Is it a protected heritage?

  3. A historical building. Interesting. Building on our memories from the past tells us.

  4. Never mind the cables. So, did the embassies move to greener pastures?

  5. Not only do I love the architecture, but the color of the building, too! It's Tiffany blue :D

  6. rob n mandy, eki: unfortunately, it's not protected and based from my last visit, it's under renovation.

    per stromsjo: yes, they actually did. ^0^

    kaori: oh yeah, now that you;ve mentioned it. it does look so tiffany! ^0^

    istanbul, luis g:
    thank you! ^-^

  7. Wow, I'm glad to hear that at least one of our few remaining old buildings is being renovated. It's a beauty!

  8. Lovely old building. Is it going to become a hotel?


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