Monday, August 23, 2010

" Wait! where are you headed ? "

While education plays an important role in our lives,
It is a luxury for some as illiteracy is still a huge problem in our country.


It's lunch time when I took this picture,
I think both of them were headed home.
but took a detour when something caught their attention,
I'm not sure what they're staring at,
what's scary though was that, they're both standing in the middle of the road.

melody: we dance on- n-dubz feat. bodyrox

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  1. A great photo! As a former teacher, I say, "study, kids study!" And "read, kids, read!"

  2. Great mono shot sissy.

    Hay nakaka-sad makita ang ganito, yung isa naka-tsinelas pa. Nakakatakot nga na nasa gitna sila ng daan, they are not aware na baka masagasaan sila. Madalas ko madaan sa Quipo noong college pa ako, sa may Quiapo kasi ang kapilyang pinupuntahan ko at ganitong mga scenarion ang madalas na nakikita ko. Hay buhay.

    Alam mo, kapag nakikita ko kung gaano nagsasayang ng pera ang mga ibang students dito at kung gaano katamad yung karamihan, naiisip ko sana sa Pinas na lang biniyayaan ng maraming langis. Dami sa ating gustong makapag-aral kaso alang perang pangtustos. Actually, gusto ko rin ipakita ang ilang attitude ng mga students even yung ibang mga Emarati na nagwowork na kung gaano sila katamad.

  3. Love your composition which allowed me to see through everyday life : ) Thank you

    Everyday Melbourne
    Everyday Shot
    Everyday Cat Visitor

  4. this is a wonderful street photography, have more punch because of the b/w treatment.

  5. From your framing it looks like they are staring at the rickshaw. But who is in the rickshaw - so many questions!

  6. "they're both standing in the middle of the road"

    Actually, even in the thumbnail that was the first thing I noticed!

  7. Yes, education is needed - for everybody, the real hope for a better understanding of the world and of us who live on it!


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