Tuesday, August 24, 2010

" A story in Black and White "


The name Casablanca sounds quintessential and a bona fide classic.
It reminds you of the movie where Humphrey Bogart swept Ingrid Bergman's feet
while in tune to the melody As time goes by.
Or perhaps somewhere off the exotic Morocco,
Or maybe its literal spanish translation- the White house.


Obviously, this has been around for awhile.
The structure located along the walled city of Intramuros looks promising
but a disappointment that it now looks like this...
vandalized and long forgotten.


On another sad and disturbing note:

If you were watching the news and following the headlines,
then you would've been aware what has happened to our country for the last 24 hours.

22 Hongkong nationals and 3 Filipinos were held hostage that lasted for more
than 10 hours plus.
A tragedy that got worse that shocked the country and the rest of the world.
The hostage taker requested that he be reinstated from his job,
but things got out of hand, he got restless when his brother was taken custody by the police force,
minutes after, gunshots were fired from nowhere, there was turmoil and chaos and then, it finally ended.
Innocent lives were taken.

There were lots of lapses between the negotiating team and the suspect,
I think the police force were tentative, unready for the battle and was too lenient.
Watching the drama on the telly, only one word comes into my mind.
Just one suspect versus the whole negotiating + tactical + swat + the police force.
But what had they done?
How did they controlled and handled the whole situation?
And where was the President after all this?
There was no sign of him, nor the vice president.
and this is what he calls "Change".
Where's Peace and Order?
There was no crowd control and panic was everywhere.
What the suspect did was an unforgivable and selfish thing.
He was not in his right mind.

Lastly, My prayers are with those who died and those that
are still in critical condition right now.
They deserve better than this.

melody: binoculars- deep

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  1. what a very sad day. many people who lose their jobs resort to violent means to act out their frustration and anger. sadly it happens everywhere. it happens here in the united states so often that all you can do as a citizen is to pray.

    may be the authorities have handled the situtation differently. i suppose they don't have enough training and real-life experience to handle such a situation.

    really sad day.

  2. i meant to say "some people who lose their jobs" and not MANY.

  3. Beautiful post. Thank you. I am so sorry for what happened. Really sad.

  4. If the mould continues, it will soon be Casa Negra

  5. Very sad, beautiful photographs.

  6. Such sad news. My heart goes out to the families of the lost ones. It must of been very frightening. And the man must of been very desperate to do something like that.

    Your black&white photo is full of nostalgia.

  7. We followed in on TV, it is very sad.


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