Monday, August 16, 2010

" Above and Below "

Here's metro manila in broad spectrum:


The clouds have formed these blue shady hints as the sun begins to sets,
but contrast to what you see...
below are low levels of contiguous houses where the squatters live.
with no other place to stay or to relocate.
It is yet a predicament that needs to be resolved.

melody: The Great DJ- The ting tings

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  1. a drive-by shot? Ang ganda ng sky! Pero sobrang nakakalungkot pag tiningnan ang baba..hay buhay kailan na kaya mabibigyan ng solution ang problema sa kahirapan?

  2. nice shot of side by side rich and poor areas of the metro.

    have a great new week.

  3. The gloomy and clearness are a striking contrast! Wonderful photo, shows us a lot!


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