Monday, July 12, 2010

" World Cup "


Unlike other countries, people aren't world cup fanatics here,
they prefer basketball over soccer.
Though that's the case, at Sofitel Philippine Plaza, there's this huge ball displayed at the concierge.
Everyone's taking a photo of it, that's for sure.

And now that the craze is over and
Spain for the first time has finally won the world cup.
Congrats! ^0^
Needless to say, "Paul" the fame- octopus- fortune teller was really right.

On another note, thanks guys for your concern last week.
I did try to get some rest, tried gargling with salt and water and also with honey. ^-^
It really does the trick eh?!
My eerie sore throat finally said goodbye. ^0^

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  1. ITs amazing how many people watch the World Cup and the whole of South Africa has been absolutely enthralled by the whole occasion. "Jabulani" means happy in Zulu and although some of the players were not happy with the ball, the spectators were mostly very happy.

  2. hallöchen Arabesque! :) yes, i'm back! ;) we won the 3rd place Ara! wooo! woo!! :) this years Wrold Cup is amazing! Michael and me and my in laws had a great time watching each games :) 3rd place is not bad eh? *winks* ;)

    and Thank You South Africa for a wonderful World Cup 2010!! :)

  3. Great ball! I am glad you are feeling better.

  4. I'm not much of a fan either. Maybe now we can finally look forward to something other than football in public radio here...

    Good to learn that you've been gargling successfully!

  5. caroline: it's such a gr8 phenomenon! tnx for the info! ^0^

    maricar: hi! so happy to hear from you again! congrats to Germany! ^0^
    lucky you, you get to watch the whole thing.

    hilda: viva indeed. ^0^

    luis: gracias! ^0^

    per stromsjo: lol, it does gets boring after awhile, but we never had such craze here, i wish we do. ^0^

  6. I was rooting for Spain too :) but had a terrible headache/sinus congestion yesterday that I fell asleep part of the game. NO harm done as there was no scoring until after the regulation time was over.

  7. Wow, you're right, it's huge! Maybe this will make soccer popular there!

    Ps, I'm glad you're feeling better, arabesque :D take care!

  8. That's a big ball! WE WON!!! This said, I'm glad it's over

  9. The famous Jabulani in XXL size! Throw down your baseball bats and try playing with that!


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