Saturday, July 10, 2010

" As the week ends "


would've been a good week except for a sore throat that's been
nagging me since yesterday.

sharing with you another sunset version.
seen along manila bay.

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  1. absolutely beautiful!! you're so lucky naman sa location mo, palagi mo nakikita ang mga magagandang sunsets.

    watch out for fever kung may sore throat ka kasi once nilagnat ka, you really need to see your doctor, baka strep yan. Gargle ka rin ng warm water na may konting salt.

  2. Oh I hope you're feeling better! Sore throats suck. Try some warm tea with honey!

    Your photo is as lovely as ever though, Arabesque :-D

  3. Impressive photo !
    Very... Very...beautiful

  4. Love that fire peeking through the clouds!

    I hope that sore throat goes away soon! Take care and get well.

  5. What a great sunset view with that orange-red sky. And get well soon, girl. ^__^


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