Friday, July 16, 2010

" Wasp "


It's quite uncommon for a wasp to lurk around our neighborhoood,
it's full of pesky mosquito or fly usually.
I was surprised to find one outside our apartment.
It seem unperturbed and it stayed at the same position for sometime,
so I finally pull out my camera and took some fotos of it.
It took me awhile before finally getting this macro look,
I must confess that I was scared to get too close to it. ^0^

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  1. It does look scary, but beautiful. :)

    I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. I didn't know about the typhoon until I read the newspaper today.

    (I've been avoiding news the past fews days ... So many negative things are taking place here I'd rather not know about them.)

  2. eki: tnx for droppin by,
    things are back to normal again,
    like you, i understand how distressing it is to watch the news sometimes. i hope and pray that things go well soon in your country.

  3. That's plenty close, Arabesque! haha!

  4. A wasp camouflaged as a moth. How sneaky!

  5. nice macro shot. kung ako siguro nakakita nyan malamang tumakbo na ako. takot ako sa mga ganyan...ewan ko ba!


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