Thursday, July 15, 2010

" Basyang "

Can you imagine life without electricity?!
No telephone lines, No railway transits (except for local buses and
jeepney), Cancelled flights, No internet, No signal, No t.v, No nothing.
Heck, even the water supply comes close to shortage.
More like the reality t.v. series, The Survivor.

The other day,(reason for not posting) a typhoon called Basyang-
Int'l name Conson hit our country causing massive standstill that almost puts
us all to a halt.

If Ondoy (Ketsana) last sept'09, devastated a lot of infrastructures because
of extreme flooding.
Basyang (Conson) on the other hand gave us strong and angry winds that struck down power plants causing the whole area of Luzon into "Blackout" (again!)
Lucky if you've got a fully charged generator and a full tank of water supply.
In our area, It took us more than a day,(waiting in vain) before electricity
finally arrived and things went back to normal.
Meanwhile, We have no choice but to patiently wait.

What's really unnerving was how the government and the local sector handles
the whole situation with no clear and right direction.
A catastrophe like this happens almost every year but the situation never
gets better.
There are lots of missing links and the "what must have" been done earlier,
than waiting for disaster to happen.
It's always "que sera sera"-whatever will be, will be.

Much said, I wish the newly elected public officials will take this matter seriously as more typhoons will be coming in the months ahead.

some bits Pepperoni and I
caught sight of:

Swaying to and fro coco trees.


damaged road signage


masses of garbage left along the bay, this man was apparently not clearing out the garbage, he's picking what's still useful to him.

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  1. Great post. I agree with you it is amazing how sometimes local authorities, seem to no react or forget that every year you are going to have something similar and act in prevention of that.

  2. The impressive forces of nature. Good to learn that you seem to be fine. I used to think that our state of preparedness is lousy since we rarely have any major disturbances caused by nature. And here's proof that yearly recurring events can also be treated like surprises. Those responsible should really try to do better.

    Take care. There are more important things than blogging...

  3. I love First photo..So windy !!!
    Cool captured !!!

  4. that's the type of weather that i haven't experienced in a long time. i hope that every one's fine.

  5. Hope you're ok. Thanks for posting these images.

  6. Needless to say, we don't have this kind of weather. A hurricane did in fact stop by Stockholm in the late 1960's but that's very rare.

  7. luis gomez: i agree. an ounce of prevention is better than cure.

    per stromsjo: needless to say, we're typhoon prone area.
    we've been having these problems since forever, we're overcrowded and pollution's everywhere, this is one of the major causes.
    I think our country should learn more from you. ^0^

    Boom N: Tnx!

    photo cache: only in the phils. ^0^

    gogouci: tnx! ^0^

  8. I hope you and your loved ones are safe and well. I didn't know about the typhoon until I read the newspaper today.

    (I've been avoiding news the past fews days ... So many negative things are taking place here I'd rather not know about them.)

  9. I think the last one says everything about the effects and the reaction.
    Thanks for sharing that.

  10. Sudden power outages sound scary...I hope you weren't by youself! I'm okay with no tv, internet, light...but no air conditioning has got to be tough in the summer. I hope you are well and back to normal life. And hopefully the blackouts can be avoided in the future!

  11. Wow, that was a strong photo....


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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