Thursday, July 29, 2010

" and then there were 3 "


vendors selling kites, seen outside Quiapo Church -Minor Basilica of black nazarene.

It never dawned on me that people photography could be interesting, now i know why. ^-^
still on the learning process, I enjoy taking fotos of strangers and steal their moments. ^0^

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  1. Very nice shot! Yes, it is very nice taking pictures of people out there. It gets a bit tricky when you actually ask them to take their photo. Have you seen the 100 strangers series.

  2. A living moment is never repeated. Well done!

  3. I have to echo Per's comment here: well done! Though I think the guy in the middle knew what you were doing. :)

    I miss my old camera with the rotating LCD screen — it was perfect for stealing shots of people.

  4. tnx! ^0^ your kind words do inspire me to capture more fotos everyday.

    luis: yes, the asking part can be quite a challenge. ^-^
    yes, i have heard of 100 strangers before, i'll give it a try sometime. tnx!

    per stromsjo: so true! ^0^

    hilda: lol, c.i.a. ^0^
    oh, maybe that means you have to buy a new camera. hehe,
    ps: i hope you can post your stranger series too!

  5. some comppositions are best presented in b/w like this one.

  6. I've just started taking photos of people, too! Isn't it nerve wrecking at first? lol. Love your black & white photo :D

  7. I like this street scene. It could very well be in Bandung.


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