Wednesday, June 30, 2010

" His first 100 days "

Today, June 30, on a glorious wednesday, marks the proclamation of our new president - Benigno Aquino III, better known as Noynoy Aquino.
The name may sound familiar to you as he's the son of our late president Cory Aquino
and senator Ninoy Aquino, who was assassinated during Marcos regime.
Both of his parents played such important roles in changing the lives and history on each one of us and now, it's his turn, once again, an "Aquino" heading our country.


The photo you're looking at is the Rizal Park, here in Luneta.
Normally it looks like this, but since today marks a memorable event,
I think the place will be filled with people and I'm sure everyone
and anyone will bring or wear "yellow" (the official symbol) for that mattter.

Through the last 9years, president GMA (Gloria Macapagal Arroyo) ruled this nation without any success.
She was blamed for anomalies here and there that boils down to Corruption.
She tried to stay firm despite 5 attempts of impeachment complaints.
But in the end, we are still in-debt, one of the most corrupt country, still can't alleviate poverty, less justice, more violence and crimes, we're hungry for Change.

We are all hoping that pres. Noynoy will stay true to his convictions, unbiased, having firm principles to finally stabilize this nation once again.

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

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  1. Glorious sky, filled with new hope! Prayers to you and your country, Arabesque :-)

  2. Beautiful image. It is also a beautiful post!

  3. We have very similar posts for the day! But mine is of QMC where the street party was. I'm praying for him too. He spoke very strong words, but will need a lot of luck in getting his plans and hopes accomplished.

  4. It looks eerily tranquil in this photo


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