Thursday, May 6, 2010

" Sta. Cruz Plaza Fountain "

Strategically outside Sta. Cruz Church, right at the heart of Chinatown.
This structure definitely looks European, that's because its history dates back when the idea was to commemorate the installation of the water system by Spanish Engineer Don Francisco Carriedo of the Department of Waterworks in 1884.


Although the one you see right now is a reproduction, it's still maintained its
authentic design.

Don't know why but a closer look at its detail reminded me of Savage Garden's
music video. ^0^

melody: truly,madly,deeply- Savage Garden

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  1. That's true it does have that European style. There is too much to see and enjoy in Manila that we really don't pay too much attention to.

  2. Beautiful sculpture. Really nice.

  3. So, commemorating his legacy - what's the local water quality like these days?

  4. It looks beautiful; does it still work?

  5. per: not too good, what with the el niÑo phenomenon, supply here is monopolize by a single company.
    so basically, we have no choice.

    andreea: yes it does,but it's a certain time frame. ^0^

  6. The statue remind me of one of statue in London. Very Europe indeed.


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