Wednesday, May 5, 2010

" Correct me if i'm wrong "

It's a fact that I'm ignorant when it comes to plants.
I don't know a thing or two about them.
But I like how they look good on photos. ^-^
I saw this on a flea market and was curious why it's called " Euphobia ".
I find it a bit odd...
and of course I was right, it's supposed to be " Euphorbia! " ^0^

*Euphobia- fear of hearing good news, being afraid of something and
excited about it at the same time.

*Euphorbia- common name "spurge" derives from the french expurge (to purge).
One of the largest genera of flowering plants with approximately 2,000 species.
The genus is primarily found in regions of Africa and the Americas, but also in temperate
zones worldwide.


haha, now that's something new to me!

melody: Why does it always rain on Me- Train

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  1. You're absolutely right, they look very good on photos!
    I think the french origin is probably expurge, to purge, with an x. As you are, or so you say, I am as well an absolute tosser with plants. Actually no, it is very easy: I call them either flower or plant or cactus:)

  2. haha! just to show you i've got to review my french!
    thanks rob! ^0^

  3. Just to be on the safe side, if you do talk to your plants be sure not to bring them too much good news... ;)

  4. Well I guess we are all learning a bit today. Thanks.

  5. Euphorbias are of the rubber family of plants, producing latex. Having thorns and looking like cactus they are ideal for a rockery landscape. The one in the picture hasn't flowered. I invite you to my bloom hunting blog here;- http;// You may like the plants I photograph coz the are mainly tropical & are taken using my camera handphone N93i, a wise investment I made 3 years ago. Hav a nive day.

  6. one letter makes such a difference! so smart, arabesque! and you're right. the flowers look wonderful in the photo ;-D

  7. per : i'll be sure to do that. ^0^

    luis: yes we are. ^0^

    mood: ah, so it's a rubber plant. ^-^
    tnx for the info.,
    i'll go check the link..

    kaori: hehe, tnx! ^0^

  8. They look beautiful, with or without an "r".

  9. i was laughing when i saw this. great shot. i love to take shots of flowers/plants too.

  10. andreea: tnx! nice to hear from you again. ^0^

    kayni: thnx! ^-^


thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


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