Monday, May 31, 2010

" Slim Shady " goes the name of this Jeepney.
maybe it was inspired by Eminem. ^0^
It's already late at night, but you can still catch a ride.
The minimum jeepney fare costs P 7.- pesos for the first 4kms. but it increases depending on how far you're going.
Although newly installed, air conditioned rides are available for tourism purposes and some well known areas.

This is what you see daily, still old school.


melody: plain white T's= 1,2,3,4

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  1. Nice. Would like to take a ride on these when in Manila:))

  2. Wow, very nice, a golden ride for the night! The colors are just... flawless. :)pentical

  3. Looks like quite an exciting night ride!

  4. I think we need a daytime shot, too, to appreciate the jeepney chrome in all its glory.


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