Saturday, May 1, 2010

" Our lady of Remedios " - theme day


Today, it's supposed to be a non-working holiday but still, we have work because the gov't has transferred it again to next monday. Only in the Phils.

Theme day entry is a statue of Our lady of Remedios.
A brisk info about it:

Remedios de Malate was enshrined in Malate Church that came from Spain in 1624 by Rev. J. Guevarra.
It has survived the Chinese invasion of 1662, the British occupation of 1786 and the earthquake of 1863 but unfortunately was destroyed together with the church during the World War II.
Irish Columban Fathers ordered the making of a new statue.

The new statue was made as close as possible to the original.
Its image stands erect, plain and childlike, with no child in hand.
Instead, the hands are extended forward as though in the act of taking an offering. It is wearing its own signature vestments with empire sleeves.

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  1. I really like the flat planes of its style. A great decision to render it in monochrome.

  2. She looks like come from fairy tale, with all the guards around her.

    You Got A Posty ~ PFF
    Theme Day ~ Statue

  3. LOve her dress! And you're right, her arms are reaching out for something. Or maybe she was bowling! Just kidding :)

  4. What a great statue. Beautiful shot!

  5. B and W was a great idea. The statue seems a bit strange to me, but nice shot!

  6. She's a huge, tall, fantastic statue! Great pick for theme day!

  7. Impressive texture and face of impact.



  8. The style of this statue is so different from what I would expect to find in a Paris square or park, but that is what is so really nice about it!


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